A complete support partner with all services in-house.

Screen Media Technology provides total end to end solutions encompassing all aspects of designing, implementing, managing and supporting multi faceted marketing technology concepts and digital Screen Media networks in retail.

All services are provided in-house, enabling us to be highly responsive in order to meet the needs of today’s fast moving consumer marketing environment.

For the majority of client projects, we act as a full service support partner, installing and managing digital screen technologies in a wide variety of sectors, especially in retail.

We’ve learned that remotely operating screen network projects is not as straightforward as it might first appear….it’s a complex, multi-faceted, technology-driven business with no “one size fits all” solution.

That’s why you need the help and experience which Screen Media have gained from thousands of installations. Why try to replicate our years of learning when you can get it right first time by choosing Screen Media as your full service support partner?