Complete turn-key management solutions.

Screen Media provides a range of back-end management services that are critical to the successful implementation of any technology project or screen network.

Bringing together all the required functions, the Screen Media Project Management team works to a detailed planning process in order to efficiently manage the whole process on your behalf, providing a streamlined operation delivered on time and within budget, which optimises efficiency and guarantees peace of mind.

Turnkey management services include the following:

Communications Infrastructure Managament: 
As an approved reseller of Broadband, 3G and Wi Fi services, Screen Media provides a range of products to suit the needs of each specific network. We co-ordinate the installation and activation of comms at the same time as installation of the screen equipment. By maintaining full control of the network, maintenance and administration tasks are carried out quickly by our Network Support team.

Warehousing & Distribution: 
Each network project comprises multiple components, all of which need to be co-ordinated in advance of the implementation, then stored for the duration of the project.

Screen Media has facilities to store equipment for short term or longer term arrangements in line with the development of client needs. A picking and packing service takes care of collation and despatch of equipment to meet the requirements of individual site locations within a network.

As part of any implementation programme we utilise a network of regional hubs to maximise efficiency of distribution to our Field Services teams for both installation and maintenance tasks.

Stock & Inventory Management: 
With digital screen networks consisting of multiple types of equipment and installed in geographically diverse locations, it is highly important that stock and inventory is managed effectively.

Complementary to the Warehousing and Distribution service, the Screen Media Project Management team will manage this on behalf of our clients, to aid efficient ordering of new stock, and ensuring ongoing control of equipment.

Warranty & RMA Processing: 
Screen Media offers on-site maintenance contracts to bridge the gap between manufacturer’s warranty and the location of screen network equipment. Most manufacturer on-site warranty contracts do not cover removal from an installed location.

Screen Media technical engineers work through fault diagnosis procedures to either repair or despatch for further manufacturer processing.

Through the Stock & Inventory Management service Screen Media takes responsibility for this procedure, often expediting the process through its ability to liaise with manufacturers on a technical level and influence a timely return of equipment.

Related to this service is a workshop facility to carry out system configuration and RMA processing as required.