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Shoppers demand live product comparisons in-store.

Screen Media Technology are experts in the field of audio technology solutions at retail and can advise you on the best possible solution to deliver ROI from your in-store campaign.

With experience of developing numerous in store audio marketing solutions, including directional audio and custom AV interfaces, Screen Media will deliver a bespoke campaign to meet your specific requirements.

According a recent report*, 96% of shoppers prefer to spend their money at retailers offering in-store product demos over stores that don’t have demos. Furthermore, after experiencing a product demo, 81% of shoppers have purchased an item on impulse.

Custom AV interfaces provide the ideal solution for headphone demonstrations and music demonstrations. Screen Media built a highly customised audio player and custom button interface for an interactive product demo for the launch of Sennheiser’s high-end Momentum headphones.

Directional Audio emits sound in a highly controlled, narrow beam through parametric (ultrasonic) loudspeakers providing hypersonic sound (HSS). A particular zone can be targeted almost like wearing headphones, personalising the customer sound experience.

In addition, Screen Media can create bespoke content for your audio marketing campaign, and integrated video content for any accompanying digital signage in your campaign.
Let Screen Media work with you on your audio marketing campaign and create a bespoke solution that delivers cut-through and measurable ROI.

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* Source: Retail Insights: The Consumer Demand for Non-Food Demonstrations

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