Keep customers informed and entertained with interactive displays.

Interactive applications are popular for everyday use in retail, and for good reason – versatile, fun and informative, interactivity in-store is the way forward.

Research indicates that 38% of shoppers will leave a store if shop assistants fail to respond to them in less than 3 minutes* – that’s more than one third of potential customers! A sure way to engage with customers without relying on shop assistants is to implement interactive technology in-store. Whether the shopper wishes to gather more information, needs help in choosing a particular product, or simply wants to be entertained – an interactive unit is guaranteed to enhance the shopper experience and most importantly – keep the customer in your store!

Merge the benefits of online shopping with a brick and mortar store, increase dwell time and improve customer experience with interactivity.

Interactivity in-store embraces a wide range of technologies and can have unlimited applications including:

Product selectors are a very popular choice for in-store interactivity. When technology brand LG (pictured above) launched a new product line of LCD and LED TVs they needed a way to inform customers about the different specs to help them to choose the best product for their needs. We created a touch screen product selector that guided the user through a few simple questions before recommending suitable products. A tech panel containing information on the features of each TV was available on the same product selector. This tech panel was also used as training tool to educate store staff on the various technologies in the range.

Augmented Reality is one of the latest trends emerging in in-store technology. Not only is Augmented Reality interactive but it enables brand new products to be explored before they even hit the shelves! This was the case when we worked with Audi to produce an Augmented Reality unit that could showcase the brand new A1 before it was available in showrooms. The units were exhibited at Audi Goodwood Festival of Speed where car enthusiasts could have a sneak preview of the new car by using Augmented Reality to provide a 360 degree view of the car and the interior by opening the doors and boot. Users could also select a range of colours in which to view the car.

Tablets with custom iOS or Android apps are an increasingly common request from our clients as users are now so familiar with this technology. We have recently worked with prestige brands including Absolut Vodka and Panansonic Lumix to develop branded Android and iOS apps for a variety of in-store applications.

Screen Media has the experience and credentials to provide you with a bespoke solution for your interactive project. We take care of all aspects of your interactive system from technical specification to programming and content creation, installation and support.
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* Source: Red Ant and Imperial College

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