LED Tickers

Communicate simply and effectively with LED tickers

Ticker displays can be used in any environment to provide information and entertainment in various fields such as commercial, advertising, retail, financial, sports and many more. Ticker displays can show up to date continuous stream of information when linked to an existing computer system/software to display real time information in an eye catching way both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Data Display Ticker displays can be provided with customised software allowing them to operate independently, or to be linked into existing systems/software such as Reuters and Sky News to display real time financial information on stocks and share prices, commodity information, real time news feeds and sports scores.

LED Ticker displays also allow you to integrate your own messages, public announcements and marketing/advertising campaigns in with the live feed. As well as the various text features offered, it is also possible to incorporate logos and graphics in mono colour or multi colour options which are available in various sizes and pixel pitches suitable for different viewing distances and whether the display is to be used indoors or outdoors. Ticker displays can be wall mounted, free standing or mounted to scroll around various areas of a building for maximum effect.