Transparent Screens

Inform and delight with transparent screens.

The transparent LCD displays from eyevis are the solution to a common problem in product display: How can we showcase an item and whilst presenting engaging information and eye-catching animation?

Transparent displays create the ideal info-tainment medium for show windows, at points of sale, in display cases, at trade fair stands and in many additional areas in which the goal is to stimulate the attention of the observers, awaken their interest, and, quite simply, stop them in their tracks. Information, images, presentations, films and graphics appear superimposed over the real object in the background, adding a new dimension to your display.

Additional applications are museum and gallery rooms, sales and information areas as well as trade fairs and events. And the integration into touch-tables or as integrated component of interior decoration – for example as an installation in doors – is also conceivable.

The delivery scope of the device includes the panel itself and the proper LCD driver. The necessary external backlight can, for example, be integrated into a display case.

The displays are available in screen diagonals of 22 and 46 inches. The 22-inch display has a resolution of 1680 × 1050 px. The 46-inch display has a resolution of 1366 × 768 px. The monitors can be mounted either in portrait or landscape orientation.

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