Maximise unused wall space with projection technology.

Screen Media are acknowledged experts in the use of projection for major worldwide brands in widely varying retail environments.

Screen Media have created stunning campaigns with projection solutions for clients using short-throw projection, gobos and window projection.

Creative use of floor projection and projection mapping can transform a retail space to truly enhance the shopping experience. Projectors are a highly flexible solution; image size is widely adaptable and can be projected onto the ceiling, wall or floor. In addition, short throw projectors have the added benefit of low capital cost.

Longstanding Screen Media client, Oasis Fashion, (pictured above) invested in Ultra Short Throw projection systems across its stores in the UK and in Sweden. They see the benefits from projecting unlimited size giant images onto wall spaces not normally suitable for other merchandise. Sited at the back of stores, images are projected onto fabric wallpaper to draw customers in, creating huge impact at comparatively low cost.

Marks & Spencer (pictured above) used our short-throw projectors and our content creation service to enhance their Christmas campaign at their flagship Oxford St store in London. Two synchronized projectors ran a custom created animation featuring snowfall and a big bad wolf character to enhance their Little Red Riding Hood campaign.

Screen Media installed two blended Barco projectors at the store entrance to Niketown, London. The placement of the projectors creates immediate atmosphere and brand reinforcement on an otherwise unused wall.

Projection is the ideal solution for retail stores and showrooms. Offering flexible and eye catching displays across a variety of environments, projection can offer a bespoke solution for your conference room space, museum display or visitor attraction. The right solution will set you apart from your competitors. Contact us now and let Screen Media assist you with your projection solution.

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