Proximity Marketing

Increase your marketing ROI with a bespoke Proximity Marketing campaign.

Proximity marketing (or location based marketing) utilises location technologies to communicate directly with customers via their mobile device.

With a recent study* indicating that more shoppers want relevant in-store notifications than are receiving them, there is an opportunity for retailers to up their game with retail proximity marketing.

Screen Media Technology are experts in this field and can advise you on the best solution for your proximity marketing campaign whatever your environment – retail, hospitality or event.

With experience across a number of proximity marketing systems including MoZone, MyBeacon, NFC and Bluetooth, we can work with you on both the best proximity technology and location specific content to deliver a bespoke campaign to fit your requirements.

MoZone delivers location specific content via a free wifi hotspot. With no apps to download and a one-time only registration required, customers can interact with retail promotions and retailers can receive user demographic information in return.

MyBeacon uses iBeacon technology to allow mobile apps to understand their position within short distance, and deliver location specific content to IOS users.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a form of contactless communication between mobile devices which allows a user to wave the device over a NFC compatible device to send information.

Bluetooth provides a simple solution for close-range marketing campaigns, allowing customers to receive a promotion from your digital signage to their mobile device.

Screen Media can also create location specific content for your mobile marketing campaign, incorporating mobile apps, QR codes and content for any accompanying digital signage in your campaign.

Let Screen Media work with you on your proximity marketing campaign and create a location based marketing solution that adds value for you and your customers.

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* Source: Ninth Decimal ‘Mobile Audience Insights Report’

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