Targeted content to nearby smart phones.

Delivering location specific content to nearby mobile devices via localised Wi-Fi hotspots, MoZONE is a revolutionary proximity marketing system for ALL mobile devices – providing enhanced shopper experience to drive up your sales and increase ROI!

MoZONE displays relevant content wherever shoppers move within retail zones. A one-time only log in provides a free WiFi Hotspot with no apps to download, no special programming, no need for Bluetooth! Once registered, MoZONE users are automatically recognised and welcomed into MoZONE enabled stores anywhere in the world!

With MoZONE, users can select and display product demos and videos on digital screens in-store, can interact with shelf mounted NFC tags to receive product information, promos, special offers and videos, complete forms and even place orders!

Retailers can obtain a huge range of customer information and metrics then change content based on user demographics and day parts etc.

MoZONE is fast and simple to deploy, and remember, with MoZONE, you can reach ALL smartphones – not just the 27% of iOS users!