Push notifications and immediately connect with consumers

The use of iBeacon technology is now fast growing amongst retailers using the smartphone function to push special offers and information to shoppers as they wander through their stores. iBeacons have the potential to become a customer experience staple in both marketing and payment. Other industries are also experimenting with the technology to convey information and boost loyalty programmes.

iBeacons simply advertise their presence so that Android and iOS devices that are specifically looking for them can find them. Mobile Apps can use iBeacons to answer the question ‘Where am I?’- not in terms of a location on a map but in terms of where the mobile device is in relation to the iBeacon.

Screen Media Technology have partnered with RF proximity, who use licensed Apple iBeacon technology and are compatible with iBeacon-enabled products and applications, to market their Trade Marked myBeacon product and can now offer integrated iBeacon solutions for retail, exhibition and public information uses. We can build a new Mobile Application or modify any existing Application to react to received iBeacon transmissions.

In retail applications myBeacons can be used to welcome customers to stores, to locate specific items within a store or even to trigger the display of a time­ limited offer on a customer’s mobile phone as they approach the product concerned.

For Brands, myBeacons can target customers within centimetres of their product displayed in store and enable real time offers and services to engage customers in the right way and at the right time.

Powerful analytics are incorporated within our online Contact Management System, which manages all content delivery within your App – you tell it what to trigger when it sees a myBeacon. The CMS understands your myBeacon performance and its powerful live analytics help accelerate towards your specific goals.

myBeacons are also ideal for public or community messaging. For example, if a community information App contains links to a web server, details and pictures of a lost child could be quickly uploaded to the server and immediately displayed on the mobile phones of all App users who come within range of any of a group of myBeacons.

myBeacons can also be designed and manufactured in bespoke housings using 3D printing technology. This allows the Beacon to be fully customised to suit your company logo.