Screen Networks

Entertain and engage customers with a custom channel dedicated to your brand.

Wherever we shop today, we are inevitably surrounded by digital screens – and there’s a good reason why!

Digital Screen Networks offer an elegant solution when it comes to finding a balance of entertainment and information available in-store. A dedicated channel displaying on in-store TV screens will provide ‘info-tainment’ for your customers, acting as a platform for a wide range of content including music videos, advertising, RSS feeds, menu boards, exclusive in-store offers, interactive games and so much more!

Social media can be integrated with the system to provide fresh, up-to-date feeds from networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This encourages social media interaction from customers in-store, increasing brand loyalty and strengthening the retailer’s bond between brick and mortar and online presence. Most importantly, screen networks are highly responsive, and easily updateable with rapid content changes for Sales or one-day events.

Screen Networks have the unique advantage of both increasing footfall in quiet areas and taking advantage of natural dwell times in busy areas, through well-planned screen placement.
Why not keep customers updated on new products whilst queueing for a changing room, or provide entertainment around the checkout? Moving images displaying on digital signage are unquestionably more effective in attracting shoppers and are proven to be far more memorable.

Irish sports store chain Lifestyle Sports have taken great advantage of their in-store screen network with TV screens behind tills and mounted above footwear. We supply their custom-branded channel with brand new music videos and supplier ads alongside in-store promotions. Screen Media manages the whole screen network system from content sourcing to deployment, and maintenance through to ongoing technical support.

Screen Networks have many potential applications including:

Screen Media has the experience and the credentials to provide you with a bespoke solution for your screen network. We take care of all aspects of your system from technical specification to programming and content creation, installation to technical support.

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