Shelf Edge Screens

Stand out from the shelf and strengthen your brand presence.

Shelf-level digital media provides a significant opportunity for point of purchase conversion by engaging with the consumer via animated content.

Brand perception on the part of a consumer plays out at the store shelf. Appeal, disdain or indifference motivate product selection, as the marriage of convenience between brand and retailer works to device and execute sufficiently capable branding and promotional communications. The arsenal of current shelf edge instruments is fairly limited, typically including package design, shelf positioning, attractive pricing or some nearby static signs that aim to earn attention.

We have a range of shelf edge screens specifically developed for the retail shelf: from the simple barcode scanner we produced for Remington (pictured above) to custom programmed Android tablets, we can cater for your brand.

Most importantly, we have exclusive shelf edge technology in the form of our ever-popular Shelf Video Strip (SVS). This clever system can be mounted horizontally or vertically without disrupting the store shelving. The SVS comes in a wide range of widths from 3-screen to 12-screen displays, with all screens able to work together or separately from each other. One current client of SVS is Peroni (pictured above) who have rolled out the system across Booths stores around the UK.

Whatever your shelf media ideas, Screen Media has the experience and credentials to provide you with a bespoke solution. We take care of all aspects of your shelf edge screen systems from technical specification to content creation, installation to technical support.

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