eyevis omniSHAPES

Release your creativity with video walls of unlimited shapes and sizes.

Surprisingly small but superior in their flexible use, eyevis omniSHAPES is a new visual display solution capable of realising video wall installations of the most versatile shapes.

omniSHAPES are rear projection display modules which, thanks to their small size and their capability to combine into virtually unlimited video wall shapes are ideally suited for creating projection surfaces in almost infinite configurations.

omniSHAPES can be utilised as either a stand-alone unit or can be combined together in larger display walls – since every module has its own internal signal processing unit for the perfect geometrical adjustment of the input image to the displayed part. The projected images are pin sharp and produce impressively bright colour quality, and are ideally suited for any colour temperature. The newly developed multi-cube colour brightness adjustment option allows fully automatic adjustment and balancing of all cubes in a connected video wall. This means there is no longer any need for manual readjustments.

The maintenance of the unit is possible both from the front and from the back. Simple assembly, operation and maintenance are the clear advantages as well as the long service life expectation and high operational safety due to the use of high quality components.

The advantages at a glance

  • Pin-sharp images even when viewed from short distances
  • Various shapes
  • Concave, straight or convex arrangements
  • DVI loop through, Input: DVI Single Link up to 2K resolution
  • Internal Processing, no external device required
  • Automatic colour tracking for long term colour and brightness stability
  • Building block architecture: Projector unit is independent and can easily be dismantled from the product to the rear or the front
  • Individual LEDs for RGB guarantee best colour gamut
  • More than 60.000 hours durability

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