eyevis squareTILES

Attract attention, be bold with squareTILES

eyevis squareTILES are square 21.6” LCD screens with a 1:1 aspect ratio, which makes them look quite exotic compared with the typical 16:9 screens we see today. The development of the squareTILES was inspired by the predominant measure of tiles in the US and the creative colourful arrangements possible with these tiles. From there it was just a small step towards the development of a digital display counterpart.

Thanks to the “ultra-super-narrow-bezel-design”, the squareTILES can be installed in almost seamless configurations with minimal spacing between the image contents of individual monitors. They can be used as modules to create digital display systems in a closed or any other arrangement – e.g. installation in an offset pattern, mounted round a corner, sporadically placed around a space. These fanciful arrangements combined with the high resolution and wide viewing angle further contribute to the impact of the screens.

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